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Remove Excel Password 10.2

It allows you to remove password from password-protected MS Excel files
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Remove Excel Password is presented as an application meant to help you remove password from password-protected MS Excel files. After actually testing it, I concluded that this description could be considered a little deceitful. This tool can indeed remove the password from password-protected MS Excel spreadsheets, but only after you actually open these files. Therefore you have to already know the password, in advance, and use it, before being able to remove it. So, if you forgot or lost the password for MS Excel files, don’t expect this tool to be of any help. It’s not a password recovery or cracking application. All it does is offering a simple, one-click manner of removing assigned passwords from Excel workbooks.

It’s very small, simple and neat. It installs as an add-in to MS Excel, so it can be easily accessed from Excel’s menu. At the same time, this means you can only run it from within Excel, so if you don’t have Excel installed on your system but you have some Excel files and you want to have their passwords removed, this tool won’t help.

It comes with a simple “Instructions” window that should guide the users through the password removal procedure, but the content of this “How To” text is rather incomprehensible and hardly of any use. It also uses the “password crack” term repeatedly though I couldn’t find any actual password cracking functions within this tool.

As you can see, I’m not exactly charmed by this tool. I find it hard to consider it truly practical and useful, but I also should admit that at times, in the right context, it might eventually prove handy. The best part about it is that it’s free, so trying it for yourself won’t cost you a thing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Small and lightweight
  • Free


  • It does not recover lost or forgotten passwords
  • Comes as a Excel add-in, therefore it requires Excel to be installed on the system
  • The text of "How To" (Instructions) window is hard to understand and rather useless
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